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Support for international schools

CfBT provides support services to international schools to assist improvement and enhance learning outcomes for students.

CfBT is particularly well placed to assist international schools, those schools worldwide that offer an international curriculum to their students. As both a UK-based organisation and a global organisation, we are able to draw on a wealth of current expertise and experience in the field of international school education. With extensive international experience and offices in the UK, south-east Asia, India, the Gulf, and Africa, we are well positioned to provide support for school improvement in some of the most dynamic markets for international schools.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to international schools including:

  • management services, assisting in school start-up and the ongoing management of schools in partnership with proprietors
  • accreditation and inspection services, benchmarking school quality against high international standards
  • education consultancy services, across the complete range of curriculum, teaching and school management issues.

For more information about the range of ways that we can work in partnership with school proprietors to assist in the management of international schools, see Working in partnership with private schools.

Accreditation and inspection services

CfBT is one of the world's leading agencies in the field of school quality review. We support the improvement of international schools through two key evaluation services.

ISQM: the International School Quality Mark

CfBT awards ISQM accreditation to schools that demonstrate performance against recognised international standards based on expectations of good practice. The award of ISQM is granted on a three-year basis. Central to the ISQM process is the work of an assigned consultant, who works closely with the school on school improvement. For more information about ISQM, see Accreditation with ISQM.

IBSO: the Inspection of British Schools Overseas

CfBT is authorised by the UK government to undertake BSO inspections of schools worldwide that have a British character and follow a British curriculum. These inspections are quality assured by Ofsted: the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills for England. For more information about BSO inspections, see Inspecting British schools overseas.

Education consultancy services

We can provide a variety of educational services for international schools. Often the starting point for our consultancy is a focus on school self evaluation. Assisting a school to know itself better and to make more effective use of its resources is necessarily central to the process of school improvement.

While our expertise is global, we are particularly well placed to support international schools that have a British style. Our central role in the UK education system means that we can readily assist British schools worldwide to keep abreast of educational thinking in the UK. We inspect private and government schools throughout northern England. We run the school improvement service in Lincolnshire. We manage a growing group of academies in southern England. As a result we can draw upon substantial expertise when providing support for British schools overseas.

Although we can meet very specific short term needs, our preference is for strategic partnership with schools over time. Examples of areas where we provide consultancy include:

  • working with the school board and senior leaders to review and develop a school's vision and strategic direction
  • reviewing learning outcomes and identifying steps needed to raise standards and achievements for students of all abilities
  • providing coaching and training for school leaders and governing bodies.

Case studies

Inspecting British schools overseas

CfBT is authorised by the UK government's Department for Education to inspect British schools overseas according to the national standards for independent schools monitored by Ofsted.

Delivering the International School Quality Mark

CfBT works with educational bodies in specific countries to deliver the CfBT-designed International Schools Quality Mark accreditation. In Thailand, we work with local partners to tailor our offer to requirements.

Latest research

Interesting cities

02 November 2015 | Dubai, England, USA, Vietnam

This important report considers education reform in five global cities: London, New York, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro and Ho Chi Minh City.

Making external school review effective

01 March 2013 | Abu-Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, England, India, Jamaica, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

This report considers how learning outcomes can be improved based on findings from the 2012 Windsor International Conference on School Improvement through Inspection and External Review.

Action research in Abu Dhabi III

01 January 2012 | Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This book documents the third round of action research projects in Abu Dhabi; the quality and quantity of the research is testament to its increasing use as a method for reflection and development among teachers and scho...

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