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Employers' perception of best practice in prison education

Date: 01 October 2011

This report details findings from a CfBT-commissioned YouGov survey of more than 1,000 employers in order to understand how employers perceive ex-offenders, and what can be done to promote employment among this group.

The report discusses the impact qualifications and training may have on employment prospects in general, and explores how useful employers rate education received in prison and where these perceptions stem from.

The report is broken down into broad themes which are explored in turn within the report:

  • the general approach employers take to hiring new candidates and what policy may exist on ex-offenders within their organisation
  • employers' direct experience of employing ex-offenders (among those employers that have done so)
  • attitude towards employing ex-offenders in the future among all employers
  • barriers that exist in employing ex-offenders and factors which may help to further promote their employment.
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Anna Riggall

Research manager

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