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Education Services


CfBT offers a range of award-winning education services to schools to help improve performance. We are committed to making a difference to the lives of all learners through innovative and customised solutions.


New and future teachers

CfBT provides high quality, effective initial teacher training (ITT) and newly qualified teacher induction. We work with high calibre graduates and a range of schools to produce the next generation of excellent teachers.


Subject-based services

CfBT is able to provide customised support for specific subject teaching. Our nationally and internationally recognised team is proven at improving outcomes, from class-based project work to subject-based conferences.


Further education and training providers

CfBT delivers school improvement and curriculum support to further education and training providers. We support the development and implementation of high quality learning programmes that span the 14-19 age group.


Young people, parents and carers

CfBT's provision for young people, parents and carers ranges from training and workshops to projects and services. We support learning and development, family activities, music and arts provision and vulnerable children.


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