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CfBT is an international nonprofit provider of education services About CfBT

Latest updates

News and events

  • Core Maths Support Program Launch

    11 September 2014 | United Kingdom

    CfBT, in collaboration with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and the Department for Education, are pleased to announce the launch of our new Core Maths Support Program.

  • Collaborating with researchED

    14 August 2014 | United Kingdom

    CfBT joins forces with researchED founder, Tom Bennett, to lead the national conversation on education.

  • Leading the conversation: lessons from London schools

    27 June 2014

    CfBT and Centre for London's research report Lessons from London Schools: Investigating the Success looks at the different factors that can explain the extraordinary improvements that London's schools have experienced.


  • Inspiring teachers: perspectives and practices

    06 September 2014 | England

    This study investigates the notion of 'inspiring' teaching. Conducted in partnership with researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Worcester it studies the practice of teachers in CfBT's own school...

  • researchED website

    05 September 2014 | United Kingdom

    researchED is a grass-roots movement that promotes evidence-based education. The researchED website has been designed and created with the support of CfBT as part of a wider collaboration between the two organisations.

  • Lessons from London schools

    26 June 2014 | England

    Research from CfBT and Centre for London demonstrates that London schools have improved dramatically since 2000, at a faster rate than anywhere else in the country.

Case studies

  • Working with UNICEF in Somalia

    CfBT has worked with UNICEF to deliver the Integrated Capacity Development for Somali Education Administrations Programme. Students, teachers and parents share how the programme has changed their lives.

  • Boston West Academy

    Boston West Academy is a primary school that is embracing its new status as part of a multi-academy trust and has been quick to adopt the trust's underlying principles of autonomy and collaboration.

  • Education reform in Libya

    CfBT is working with the Ministry of Education in Libya as well as the Teacher Development Centre (TDC) to achieve better education outcomes through efficient and effective use of the teaching workforce.