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News and events

  • Survey reveals 'difficult climate' for languages in schools

    18 March 2015 | England

    Language learning is facing a ‘difficult climate’ in schools as take up at GCSE and A-Level remain low, according to a new report from the CfBT Education Trust and the British Council.

  • Ofsted: Time to go back to first principles.

    12 March 2015

    I believe that Ofsted has had a significantly positive impact in raising standards in schools over the last 20 years or so. Expectations have been raised, mediocre practice has been challenged and schools that were letting down their pupils have been exposed.

  • IL2015 masterclass speakers announced

    09 March 2015 | England

    Masterclass speakers for Inspiring Leadership 2015 have been announced and delegates will be able to sign up to hear from a range of expert educationalists and motivational leadership gurus.


  • Great expectations: aspiration, uncertainty and schooling in Rwanda

    27 March 2015 | Rwanda, Sub-Saharan Africa

    This report on schooling in Rwanda aims to shed light on children's experiences of their own education. It is from the winner of CfBT's 'Tim Morris Award.'

  • The Impact of Armed Conflict on Education in Syria

    26 March 2015 | England

    This report follows the methodology outlined in the report, 'The Quantitative Impact of Armed Conflict on education: counting the human and financial and costs'.

  • Language Trends 2014/15

    18 March 2015 | England

    The Language Trends survey, carried out in partnership between CfBT Education Trust and the British Council, charts the health of language teaching and learning in schools in England.

Case studies

  • Working with UNICEF in Somalia

    CfBT has worked with UNICEF to deliver the Integrated Capacity Development for Somali Education Administrations Programme. Students, teachers and parents share how the programme has changed their lives.

  • Boston West Academy

    Boston West Academy is a primary school that is embracing its new status as part of a multi-academy trust and has been quick to adopt the trust's underlying principles of autonomy and collaboration.

  • Education reform in Libya

    CfBT has worked with the Ministry of Education in Libya as well as the Teacher Development Centre (TDC) to achieve better education outcomes through efficient and effective use of the teaching workforce.